Introducing CloudBerry Backup 1.11 for Linux and macOS.


Today we’re releasing the latest version of Cloudberry Backup for Linux and macOS which flaunts a handful of great new features. To wit, a few changes have been introduced to the Restore wizard as well as support for the Ultimate-tier licenses. Continue reading

Google Cloud Storage Classes Overview


Google Cloud Storage has a number of classes to choose from. All of them guarantee 99.999999999% durability, have universal API, unlimited capacity, and almost zero latency—the download starts within milliseconds. Still, they vary in price and usage terms. In this post, we will explain Google Cloud Storage classes and find the best one that suits your needs. Continue reading

Backup Types Explained: Incremental vs. Differential vs. Full vs. Synthetic


We live in a digital world, in a software-defined world, a world of data. Every single day we use our favorite apps, we check services whose back-end contain massive amounts of our users' data which are very critical and are unaffordable to lose. The digital world defines its own rules and offers various combinations of protection strategies, backup approaches, and disaster recovery actions. Continue reading

New CloudBerry Backup for NAS products: QNAP and Synology


We are glad to announce that our new CloudBerry Backup for QNAP and CloudBerry Backup for Synology now support the following cloud storage services: Amazon S3 (China), Backblaze B2 and a number of other S3-compatible storage providers. Also for Amazon S3 we now support new US East (Ohio) region and S3 Transfer Acceleration. For Google Cloud you now have the ability to use new Coldline Storage. Continue reading

Synthetic Full Backup with CloudBerry Backup

Synthetic full backup

CloudBerry Backup v5.2 has a great new feature for image-based backups called Synthetic Full Backup. This enhancement decreases the amount of data upload to the cloud and accelerates overall process. We are going to explain the technical background and show how to use the new feature.
Continue reading

Item-Level Restore for Exchange 2010 with CloudBerry Backup

Item-Level restore for Exchange
CloudBerry Backup can save and recover Microsoft Exchange Server data, but it has lacked the ability to restore separate items such as emails or calendars. Now we are glad to announce Microsoft Exchange Item-level Restore feature in CloudBerry Backup 5.2!

It’s open alpha, so you can help us make it better. Continue reading