How to Restore MS Exchange with CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup supports backup and restore for MS Exchange. In this blog post we will tell how to restore MS Exchange with CloudBerry Backup. Also you might want to check out our previous article on How to back up MS Exchange to Amazon S3 and other cloud storage.
It takes you two simple steps to restore MS Exchange: download Exchange database and log files from the cloud storage and replace current Exchange files with the restored files. Let's look at entire restoring process step by step.

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Amazon S3, Azure and Google Cloud Prices Compare

Recently Amazon announced price cut for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS). This is the 42nd price reduction for Amazon Web Services since 2008 and probably the most significant yet. Prices for S3 and RRS are cut up to 65% and the average percentage of this cut is 51%. New prices are effective from April 1, 2014.
One of the main rivals of Amazon S3 - Google Cloud Storage recently had also reduced their prices to undercut the pricing proposal of AWS. Another rival cloud storage service - Microsoft Azure announced their price cut will take place at 1st of May, 2014. New prices for Azure are already known.
CloudBerry Lab develops a number of software solutions for managing cloud data and for cloud backup. Our products support more than 15 cloud storage, including S3, Azure and Google Cloud. To help our customers better navigate on constantly changing cloud storage market we decided to prepare a short article comparing S3, Azure and Google Storage prices.

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World Backup Day 2014 – CloudBerry Backup with 30% OFF

Today is the World Backup Day. CloudBerry considers it a reason to turn our reader’s attention to the constantly increasing role of data and the importance of regular backups.
We are used to rely on our devices and sometimes do not pay enough attention to the security of data stored on them. Meanwhile each of us risks losing valuable data as a result of the system failure, accidental breakdown, theft, loss or any other disaster with a computer.
Annually on March 31th people back up their computers, tablets, phones and other devices. Backup is one of the most effective and easiest ways to protect personal and business data. Having a backup copy of your photos, videos, music and other stuff in a safe place helps avoiding its' loss and brings a peace of mind to those who are used to regular backing up.
CloudBerry provides cost-effective and robust solutions for data backup. We care about safety of your data. And we just couldn't miss the World Backup Day which is an important reminder to think about your critical data needs.

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CloudBerry Backup: New Commands for Windows Command Line Interface

With the latest release of CloudBerry Backup comes the support of expanded number of Windows Command Line commands for CloudBerry Backup. Now using Command Line Interface you can:
  • Save backup plan configurations to the backup storage;
  • Automate deletion of files that have been deleted locally;
  • Specify pre/post actions;
  • Set up email notification settings.
In this article we will briefly tell about all of these enhancements.

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CloudBerry Backup: MS SQL Server Cluster Support

With the release of the latest version of CloudBerry Backup comes the SQL Server cluster configuration support. CloudBerry Backup 3.8 and later versions are able to detect SQL Server cluster names and allow users to choose SQL Server instance on the “MS SQL Server Instance” step of the Backup Wizard.

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CloudBerry Backup: Cloud to Cloud Backup Functionality

With the latest release of CloudBerry Backup comes a brand new feature named Cloud to Cloud Backup. Cloud to Cloud Backup functionality significantly enhances capabilities of CloudBerry Backup as it adds valuable ability to automate backup of data kept in one cloud storage location to another. Cloud to Cloud Backup allows setting up backup for different cloud storage services, for different accounts in one cloud storage or even for different containers within a single cloud storage account. Now backup of data in the cloud becomes as easy as for those in the local storage.

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CloudBerry Backup: Cloud to Local Backup Functionality

We constantly work to improve CloudBerry Backup. Now, with the release of CloudBerry Backup 3.8 we are glad to present a brand new feature that significantly enhances capabilities of our backup solution - Cloud to Local Backup. With Cloud to Local Backup functionality comes valuable ability to automate transfer of any kind of data kept in the cloud to a local or network drive.

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