Block-level Backup for Bare Metal / System State Backup

CloudBerry is glad to introduce block-level backup support for Bare Metal / System State backup. Starting from now, you can restore your entire system from scratch as an efficiently organized block-level backup, with only modified files kept. This post explains how to benefit from this new opportunity and how to use it.

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Block-level Backup Across All Cloud Storages

CloudBerry announces block-level backup support across all cloud storage providers. From this moment you can enjoy advantages of block-level backup on every cloud storage you use for the backup. This post explains how to enable Block-level backup for your backup plan.

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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 4.0

We are glad to announce a release of CloudBerry Backup v4.0. The latest version comes with the following new features and updates:

  • Block-level across all cloud storages,
  • Block-level for Bare Metal / System State backup,
  • Multithreading restore,
  • Support MS SQL Server databases with FileStream and TDE,
  • SoftLayer - new data centers added,
  • Improvements to Amazon Glacier Inventory Retrieval.
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CloudBerry Explorer: Announcing AWS EU (Frankfurt) region support

As always we are trying to stay on top of the new functionality offered by Amazon S3  to offer the most compelling Amazon S3, Glacier, and CloudFront client on Windows platform.

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CloudBerry Explorer: Announcing AWS China (Beijing) region support

CloudBerry Lab is following Amazon announcement about AWS China (Beijing) region support. We are glad to introduce the support for Beijing Region in CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3. Continue reading

Offline Activation for CloudBerry Backup & Explorer is Now Easier

If you do not have a possibility to activate your copy of CloudBerry Explorer, CloudBerry Backup online (for example, in case of access restrictions), you can use the offline activation.

Starting from now, you can run CloudBerry Backup or CloudBerry Explorer offline activation via user-friendly graphical user interface or you may continue using command line interface as before.

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How to Use CloudBerry Backup with Google Drive (using Google Account)

CloudBerry Backup now supports your personal Google Drive. Until the latest update CloudBerry Backup could only work with Google Drive via Service Account. Now you can back up to your Google Drive and see those files there.

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Configure CloudBerry Backup with Google Drive account

1. You can set up Google Drive account from the File main menu:


or you can start the Backup Wizard and select "Google Drive" option.


2. Make sure you select Your Google Account (Installed Application) authentication type:

and click Sign In button - a pop up window will prompt you to enter a Google account:


3. Enter your Google account, click Sign in there - you will be prompt to grant access to your Google Drive:


click Accept. That's it. Your Google Drive account has been defined:

Now you are ready to set up a backup plan. For example, my backup plan succeeded:


and my Google Drive contains those files (according to the selected backup mode):


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