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CloudBerry Backup for Google Cloud Storage

CloudBerry Backup for Google Storage is a Windows program that automates encrypted and compressed data cloud backup. It comes with a user-friendly interface allowing data backup or restoration in a few simple steps.

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CloudBerry Explorer for Google Cloud Storage

CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage is a freeware file manager for Google Storage. It provides a user interface to Google Storage accounts, files and containers allowing you to browse, create and delete files and containers.

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CloudBerry Google Cloud Storage Drive

CloudBerry Drive Desktop for Google Cloud Storage

CloudBerry Drive Desktop for Google Storage is an application that allows users map Google Storage account as a local disk. CloudBerry Google Cloud Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration process that seamlessly integrates cloud storage drive with the Windows environment.

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About Google Cloud Storage

Note: Google Cloud Storage is different from Google Drive service!!!

Built with the same advanced technology that supports Google solutions around the globe, Google Cloud Storage lets you store, access, and protect your data with ease. With Google Cloud Storage, you can store and manage access to any amount of data, whether for an individual or a group.

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