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Qloudstat - The cloud in numbers. Plotted.
Qloudstat, the premier service for analytics of server side access logs of cloud hosted content.


Awesome Open source Amazon S3 Browser for Mac & Windows
Open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac & Windows

Arq - Amazon S3 backup for Mac

Arq - Amazon S3 backup for Mac
Arq is the only online backup product built for the Mac and only the Mac. So it has the look and feel you expect from a Mac application.

Sisense - shared intelligence

Sisense - shared intelligence
Analyze and Dashboard S3 Logs. Improve the way you use Amazon's S3 Web Services. SiSense's Amazon S3 dashboard makes it easier to optimize and manage your storage costs and website performance.

"Getting Started with Amazon Redshift" by Stefan Bauer

Enter the exciting world of Amazon Redshift for big data, cloud computing, and scalable data warehousing
Getting Started With Amazon Redshift is an easy-to-read, descriptive guide that breaks down the complex topics of data warehousing and Amazon Redshift.

eZs3 Video Marketing Made Easy

eZs3 - Making Media Easy by Unleashing the Power of Amazon S3
eZs3 is a service which allows you to fully manage your own S3 account, including uploading and downloading files and folders, and creating players and wrappers that you can easily use to embed media files on your website.

S3FlowShield - Protecting your digital assets

S3FlowShield - Protecting your digital assets
S3FlowShield is a WordPress plug-in that helps protect digital assets stored on Amazon S3.


SVNLabs - Cloud Computing Consulting
We enables customers to successfully migrate their new or existing applications on leading cloud computing platforms Amazon, Google, RackSpace for high volume transactions, seamless data sizes, and optimizing response times.

Porticor Virtual Private Data

Porticor Virtual Private Data protects the data layer of your cloud application.
Virtual Disks, File Systems, Databases and Distributed Storage - defending these technologies is covered in the product, as well as logging, auditing and compliance. Porticor VPD works in the most popular public clouds.


S3 Image Gallery - share image on Amazon S3
In a few clicks you will be able to see your images presented in one of several high quality gallery styles.

S3Media Pro

S3Media Pro - Play & Protect Video and Audio on Joomla! 1.5
Play S3 Amazon stored video and protect it from leeching. Create subtitles on-the-fly. Brand your player in many ways. Give your audios a face. Create playlists with modules and articles. Developed for web- and multimedia professionals. Ideal for membership- and community sites.


APRIGO is a leading provider of comprehensive data governance software
APRIGO is a leading provider of comprehensive data governance software delivered via the AWS cloud . Aprigo NINJA's secured SaaS meta-data based architecture, enables SMEs, to implement an enterprise class solution previously only available to the Fortune 1000. With Aprigo NINJA, organizations can continuously protect their unstructured data.


Plugging into the Cloud
CloudTweaks - Plugging into the Cloud.

Amazon Cloud Technical Guide

Amazon Cloud Technical Guide, Impress Japan
The detailed instruction of CloudBerry Explorer is described in the Japanese book - Amazon Cloud Technical Guide, Impress Japan.

Bucket Link

Bucket Link - iPhone/iPad App
We make a link to your data. Link up to Bucket Link and send information from your Amazon S3 Account. Email it, Tweet it! Bump it! Post it to your Facebook Wall. With the iPhone or iPad, you can interface across web media the easy way when you use Bucket Link.


CloudPlayer. Simple. Secure. Streaming.
The easiest way to add streaming video to your website. Storage on Amazon S3 and Streaming from CloudFront.

Clockwork Web Framework for .NET

Clockwork Web Framework for .NET
Clockwork is a powerful new .NET 3.5 web development framework that makes it easy to create multilingual, scalable, dynamic Web 2.0 sites. It is completely free and open source. The project is hosted using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Cloudfront and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

EC2Dream - Freeware Amazon EC2 Manager

EC2Dream - Free Graphical System Admin Tool for Amazon EC2
Free Graphical System Admin tool aimed at Amazon EC2 System Administration. It is designed to complement the Amazon AWS Management console.

Monitis on-demand cloud monitoring service

Monitis on-demand cloud monitoring service
Monitis on-demand cloud monitoring service is now enhanced through Amazon S3 monitoring. This new ability, Monitis S3 Monitoring, lets customers independently monitor their S3 usage and storage, and notifies customers when they reach prescribed thresholds.


S3STAT Web log analysis and statistics for Amazon S3
S3STAT is a service that takes the detailed server access logs provided by Amazon's Cloudfront and Simple Storage Service (S3), and translates them into human readable statistics, reports and graphs.

WHS Add-In Central

WHS Add-In Central - discover and track useful add-ins
The add-in software and service designed to help you discover and track useful add-ins right from within the Windows Home Server Console.

P80 WHS Add-on

P80 is a Windows Home Server Add-on
P80 is a Windows Home Server Add-on that integrates with you WHS homepage. It gives a central overview of various kinds of information (including CloudBerry S3 Backup status).

Home Server Heaven

Home Server Heaven - Dedicated To Home and Small Business Networking and Storage
Home Server Heaven is dedicated to serving the networking and storage needs of home and small business users and specializes in the supply and installation of Home Servers powered by the Windows Home Server operating system.

S3 Anywhere

S3Anywhere is an Amazon S3 file manager for Android Handsets
It allows managing several S3 buckets. It comes with both handset and S3 file managers. It provides download and upload features. Resume support for download is available.


S3FM - Pure AJAX Amazon S3 File Manager
S3fm is a FREE and user friendly online file manager for Amazon S3 service. It is a pure Ajax web application with convenient Vista look & feel. The application runs directly from Amazon S3 and is accessible from all over the world with all major browsers and OS platforms.

S3 Browser for Windows Live Writer

A Windows Live Writer plugin for browsing your Amazon S3 account
S3 Browser for Windows Live Writer enables you to upload items directly from the plugin. It is intended for binaries (images, files) for the use in blogging.


Flajaxian Free Proxy Amazon S3 Uploader
Flajaxian FileUploader is a fully self-contained .NET assembly allowing multiple asynchronous file uploads to Amazons S3.


Streamincloud.com is a free FLV encoder for Amazon S3
Streamincloud.com is a free FLV encoder for Amazon S3 and CloudFront. It will monitor your bucket for new video files and encode them in the popular Flash FLV video format.


CloudClimate - Cloud Hosting Performance Dashboard
CloudClimate displays the current performance of selected cloud hosting providers. Using its network monitoring software they monitor the performance of cloud hosting services.

Chilp it!

chilp.it is a free URL shortener
Chilp.it shortens your URLs. You enter a way too long URL and it will generate a much shorter URL.


Cloudlytics Helps You Analyze Your AWS S3, CloudFront, CloudTrail & ELB Logs and Provides Billing Analytics.
Cloudlytics Provides Visually Interactive Reports with In Depth Analytics