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Need help? Here is how to get support:

Support Ticket

If you haven’t found an answer to your question in our documentation and you’re a paying customer of CloudBerry Lab, you can open a support ticket
Open a ticket*

*For paying customers only


If you need to report a bug, ask for a change, suggest a feature, go to our Reddit community. Reddit is the right place for a question like:

  • Why feature X is implemented like…?
  • Do you plan to add feature Y?
  • Do you plan to support storage service XYZ?
Start discussion on Reddit


If you have a technical question about installation, configuration, unexpected behavior, migration issue, etc., post it on StackOverflow. StackOverflow is the right place for a question like:

  • How do I…?
  • I got the error XYZ. Why?
Start discussion on StackOverflow

Important! Please choose only one channel to post your question and wait a reasonable amount of time to get an answer. Our team is continuously following Reddit and StackOverflow communities and does its best to answer your questions.