Block-level Backup Across All Cloud Storage Services

CloudBerry announces block-level backup support across all cloud storage providers. From this moment you can enjoy advantages of block-level backup on every cloud storage you use for the backup. This post explains how to enable Block-level backup for your backup plan.

Block-level backup is an efficient method of keeping your valuable data safe because only modified parts of files are kept. It is mostly useful for large files that are frequently modified.

These simple steps demonstrate how to enable block-level backup in CloudBerry Backup:

1. Select your cloud storage account on Select Cloud Storage step of the Create Backup Plan Wizard.

2. Select Use block level backup option on the Select Backup Mode step of Create Backup Plan Wizard.

Block_Level_Backup3. Proceed to the other screens to finish up the wizard.

Now your backup plan is configured as a block-level backup.
Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup.
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