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How to Recover Individual File from Image Based Backup

This article refers to CloudBerry Backup 4.3 and later.

In this blog, we provide an instruction on how to recover individual files from the image based backup. It is important to note that CloudBerry Backup will only download the selected files from the cloud , there is no need to download the whole image. Thus CloudBerry Backup significantly reduces restore time and cuts on outgoing transfer costs.

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How to Move Data off Nirvanix for Free

Latest news says that Nirvanix cloud storage is closing its' cloud services. September 30th is announced to be the last day of the Nirvanix cloud. Nirvanix service will be switched off and all data within it will become totally inaccessible with no chance to recover.nirvanix-logo-web1
Now there are days for Nirvanix customers to move their data to some other cloud or local storage. While lots of users all over the world are looking on how to transfer their data to other storage, CloudBerry Lab decided to give CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix for FREE. Continue reading

Introducing CloudBerry Backup 3.5.1

CloudBerry Lab is proud to present Cloudberry Backup version 3.5.1. With new enhancements our backup solution has become more powerful and efficient. Here’s a list of improvements and new features:
  • Support of email notifications via custom SMTP server for all editions of CloudBerry Backup;
  • Support of MS Exchange 2013 databases backup in CloudBerry Backup for MS Exchange Server and Enterprise edition (beta);
  • Multiple files upload speed improvement;
  • Delete Locally Deleted Files feature added to Custom mode;
  • AWS Import/Export feature support for all editions of CloudBerry Backup;
  • CloudBerry Backup compression for SQL database backup on SQL Express;
  • Truncation of Exchange transaction logs on backup.

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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 3.4

CloudBerry Lab is proud to present Cloudberry Backup version 3.4. Our backup application has become even more powerful with new features and enhancements:
  • FTP/SFTP server support
  • Master password
  • Local backup speed improvements
  • Multiple emails notification
  • Clone backup plan
  • Ignore self signed SSL certificate
  • Backup files < XX MB
  • Highlight local backup
In the post below we will briefly overview each of the new features designed to help our customers exploit cloud backup technology with maximum efficiency. Continue reading

How to Restore SQL Server Database From Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier

The recently released  CloudBerry Backup for SQL Server helps the customers with no SQL Server administration experience can easily back up SQL Server databases to cloud storage such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.  It comes with all of the features of CloudBerry Backup Server edition plus and additional functionality to back up SQL Server.  In this blog post, we will explain how you can restore MS SQL Server databases with CloudBerry Backup. Continue reading

CloudBerry Explorer now with Folder View for Amazon Glacier

As always we are adding features to make it easier for our customers to use the functionality to offer the most compelling Amazon S3, CloudFront, IAM, and Glacier client on Windows platform.
Amazon Glacier, a secure, reliable and extremely low-cost storage service designed for data archiving and backup. In order to keep costs low, Amazon Glacier is optimized for data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable. With Amazon Glacier, you can reliably store large or small amounts of data for as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month.

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Introducing Smart Restore for Amazon Glacier

CloudBerry S3 Backup is a powerful Windows program that automate backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier cloud storage.
Amazon Glacier is designed for very infrequent restores and restore costs may be substantial. And in fact it is very confusing. Check out the following article from Amazon FAQ.
The data restore is charged based on the pick usage during the given month. In other words if you have to restore 100GB and you restore them in 1 hours you will pay one amount. But if you restore 1GB for the next 100 hours you will pay 100 times less. Continue reading

Restore, Encryption and Compression Support for Amazon Glacier With CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry S3 Backup is a powerful Windows program that automate backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier storage.
Just a few weeks ago we introduced the first release of CloudBerry Backup with Amazon Glacier support. With the current release we introducing data compression and encryption support . In addition now, you can restore the data directly from CloudBerry Backup.
To take advantage of the new options go to the Compression and Encryption step of the Backup Wizard and specify appropriate settings. Continue reading