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Full Disk Encryption: Approaches and Solutions for MSPs

Full Disk Encryption bitlocker

Data leaks and ransomware infections are common threats nowadays, which you can avoid by using data encryption technologies. If no one can read your data, you do not need to be too afraid of its theft.

That is why it is becoming more popular to encrypt system drives. In this article, we are going to overview the BitLocker tool and a few of its alternatives. Continue reading

A Few Steps to Windows Server Hardening

Windows Server Hardening Checklist banner

What is server hardening? There are many different ways for a hacker to attack a Windows server, from unpatched system vulnerabilities to misconfigured settings, unnecessary protocols, or vulnerable applications. The process of getting these vulnerabilities closed off or patched (or at least most of them) is server hardening Continue reading

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Building a DR Plan for the Cloud

Cloud Disaster Recovery Guide

You can never know when a disaster will occur to your cloud infrastructure. You can, however, prepare a cloud disaster recovery plan that enables you to restore operations quickly whenever disaster does strike your cloud. This article explains how. Continue reading

Spear Phishing Prevention Best Practices and Tools

How to Prevent Spear Phishing Attacks

What Is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing attacks are executed through the use of electronic or email communications. Targeted phishing may impact an individual, corporation or business, depending upon the objectives and intentions of its perpetrators. Cybercriminals may launch spear phishing attacks for the following reasons: Continue reading

Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI

FC vs FCoE vs iSCSI

A SAN is a key piece of technology in data storage in several types of infrastructure, but there are varying implementations and standards on the market. In this article, we are going to review the key differences between FC, FCoE and iSCSI in order to help you choose the best option. Continue reading

Cloud Certifications Guide: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google

Top cloud certifications: AWS, Azure, Google

Where can you find cloud certifications? If you choose to get a cloud certification, should you obtain one from a certain cloud vendor -- such as AWS, Azure or Google -- or should you pursue a general-purpose cloud certification? Which categories of cloud computing certifications are available currently?

Those are all important questions for IT professionals to ask themselves in the present age of cloud-native everything. Keep reading for an overview of the main cloud computing certifications available today. Continue reading

OS Hardening vs. Data Protection: Why You Need Both Cybersecurity Features

OS hardening is a critical best practice in an age when cybersecurity attacks are steadily increasing in frequency.

But is OS hardening sufficient on its own to keep data safe from attackers? The short answer is no. For the long answer, and an explanation of where OS hardening fits within an overall data security strategy, keep reading. Continue reading

Emails Backup in Google Apps

Backup email: Google Apps

Backing up of cloud-based emails might not seem necessary, but it allows you to protect the data in case of any disaster, and it also allows you to meet compliance requirements. That is why we are going to overview how to backup Google Apps email using different options, including built-in tools and third-party integration mechanisms. Continue reading

Google Account Backup: Keep All Business Data Safe

Google Account Backup: Keep All Business Data Safe

Google G Suite (formerly known as “Google Apps”) contains a broad range of everyday business tools, allowing you to move most of your activities to the cloud. In this article, we are going to overview G Suite basic backup practices and answer the question “Do you ever need to make a backup of cloud-based data?” Continue reading