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MSP Voice Episode 8: Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc

In the 8th episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc.

Dentek Systems, Inc. (DSI) was founded in Richardson, Texas circa 2002 as a turnkey Information Technology and Audio/Video solutions provider. We offer an array of services and support for new and existing small to mid-size companies. We specialize primarily in the healthcare industry, however, we have experience with a wide variety of professional and residential projects.

This is also the very first episode to feature our new rubric - the Best of Reddit where we choose the most interesting (in our opinion) topics from r/MSP subreddit. Check the 8th episode of the MSP Voice under the cut!

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Want to Start Your Own MSSP? Here’s a Basic Checklist

MSSP Managed Security Service Providers article

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. It’s absolutely necessary for businesses with internal or external networks to run intrusion detection and prevention systems, antivirus solutions with advanced malware detection heuristics, vulnerability monitoring, ensure regulatory compliance and maintain security information and event management systems. Continue reading

MSP Infographics: the Main Managed IT Service Business Insights

MSP Infographics by CloudBerry

Recently we have performed a survey across CloudBerry Lab customers offering managed IT services to their clients to understand the current MSP market situation and essential needs better. More than 180 MSPs attended the survey and expressed their thoughts on the most vital aspects of the managed services market. And we are glad to present the result of this survey below as the infographics. We hope you will find it helpful. Continue reading

Land Your First Client: 6 Tips for MSPs

Land Your First Client: 6 Tips for MSPs

The MSP market is more competitive than ever before. With the current array of providers, crafting a unique competitive advantage and differentiating your services from others could be a significant challenge. You may have determined how to start a managed services company, but the next major hurdle and question you face is: How do we get managed services clients? Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 7: Jeff Huber from Five Nines Tech

In this episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Jeff Huber from Five Nines Tech, California. Jeff has been in the industry for over 30 years since he was 19. He says that despite the lack of entrepreneurial spirit he decided to take over the Five Nines Tech, he was managing for a while. Learn more in the 7th episode of MSP Voice!

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How to Onboard New Clients Properly: MSP Onboarding Best Practices

When a managed service provider onboards new clients, the first 30 days are crucial. This is the period when you should show your customers the level of your services and demonstrate why they should stay with you. Every new client is precious, and if you don’t prove what you can offer, you will simply be throwing away the money that you spent on attracting those clients.

Here’s our MSP customer onboarding checklist, which outlines what should be done during the first month with every new client. Continue reading

WORM Compliance Explained. Why Do You Need a WORM-Compliant Storage?

Worm Compliance Explained

Introduction: What is WORM compliance?

WORM (write once, read many), is a storage system concept. Developers designed it to protect information that an organization does not want to be destroyed or altered in any way. With WORM-compliant storage, you can transfer information to a storage device or cloud storage, but, once you transfer the information, it cannot be changed. WORM compliance also requires a second form of storage (at minimum) as a backup in the event that a drive is stolen or destroyed. Because WORM compliance demands that data be unalterable, in cases where access is necessary, that access is restricted to read-only. Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 6: Kenny Grayson from Grayson Data Services

Kenny Grayson is the owner of Grayson Data Services in Louisiana. Kenny has a typical managed services business but also does application development for his customers. He doesn’t recommend mixing the two unless you have a firm background in app dev but the combination works well for him.
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: What’s the Difference?

It can be easy to assume that business continuity and disaster recovery are synonyms for the same thing. In reality, however, these terms business continuity and disaster recovery have very different definitions. Although they are related concepts, the tools, processes, and goals associated with disaster recovery and business continuity vary significantly.

This article defines business continuity and disaster recovery discusses the differences between them and explains how to build a disaster recovery solution that addresses business continuity needs. Continue reading

[WEBINAR] A Comprehensive MSP Backup-as-a-Service

Join CloudBerry & Amazon Web Services for a webinar on Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 10:00 AM PDT where we will discuss the combined solution for Backup-as-a-Service (plus a customer who tells his own story).

The covered topics:

  • Overview of the CloudBerry Managed Backup Solution for MSPs
  • Cost-effective data management in Amazon S3 and Glacier
  • Real customer story from the customer himself