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CloudBerry Box provides bi-directional synchronization of data across remote computers. Synchronization between end-points is performed through your cloud storage account. No 3rd party services involved into data processing. CloudBerry Box is available in two versions – Freeware and PRO.

Taking Advantage of Web Access for macOS & Linux in CloudBerry Backup

It's been a few months since we introduced CloudBerry Backup 2.1 for macOS & Linux that brought support for Web Access — a feature that enables you to use a web-based user-interface for the app. This feature is incredibly useful for those Linux users that have a non-GUI distro but want to interact with CloudBerry Backup in a more convenient way. So in this article we'll demonstrate how to enable Web Access and use it to perform regular operations.
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CloudBerry Box Now Supports Compression and Encryption

This article refers to CloudBerry Box 1.4 and later.

We continue to enhance our new product - CloudBerry Box! Now you can not only synchronize your folders with your own storage account, but be sure that your data is compressed and encrypted. Read this post to learn how to use these new features.

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Bandwidth Throttling in CloudBerry Box

This article refers to CloudBerry Box 1.3 and later.

CloudBerry Box is a slim efficient solution to sync user's data across multiple computers via your own cloud storage account.

By popular demand, we have added bandwidth throttling. You can now limit the Internet consumption by CloudBerry Box, to make sure it doesn't interfere with your regular activities.

CloudBerry Box Bandwidth settings

Throttling options are configured independently for every copy of CloudBerry Box.

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CloudBerry Box Freeware Version now available

This article refers to CloudBerry Box 1.3 and later.

To give our customers more options, we have enhanced the licensing model for CloudBerry Box. Two license types are now available:

CloudBerry Box Freeware

  • Predefined sync folder
  • Forum support only

This version is designed for personal, non-business use.

CloudBerry Box Pro

  • User can specify a custom sync folder in every copy of CloudBerry Box
  • Encryption and compression - coming soon.
  • Full support is available

Explore the product page to select which version suits you best.

Do you like our products? Help us spread the word about them. Or make a blog post about us and get CloudBerry Box for free.

We Introduce CloudBerry Box 1.2 with Custom Sync Folder

As always we are adding features that our customers are requesting. CloudBerry Lab presents a new version of CloudBerry Box 1.2. Now CloudBerry Box allows to set a custom sync folder that you want to use for synchronization.

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Temporary Restore from Glacier

After the object has been archived using the Glacier storage option, the object's data will be removed from S3 but its index entry will remain as-is. The S3 storage class of an object that has been archived in Glacier will be set to GLACIER. You can learn more about Glacier archiving in our previous blog post.

The advantages are reduced costs of storage. However, if you wish to retrieve these objects you need to plan in advance because of the restore times associated with Glacier storage.

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