CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup transfers data to Amazon S3 and restores it in minutes. The backup software connects directly to your Amazon S3 account and securely transfers backup files and folders to the cloud, serving as a transport between your Windows workstation and your Amazon S3 storage account. It is available for Amazon S3 and Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, OpenStack and all major cloud storage providers. You can backup desktop pc, server files, MS SQL Server with a proper version of CloudBerry Backup.

Exchange Online vs. Exchange On-Premises

Exchange Cloud vs. On-Premise

For any enterprise, connectivity and communication are of high importance. As a renowned name in the IT arena, Microsoft’s Exchange has remained a leading choice for businesses looking for a complete messaging platform.

There are two versions of MS Exchange solutions — hosted and cloud — and many organizations struggle to come to a conclusion about which version to opt for. The key reason is a lack of understanding of Exchange Online vs. On-Premises. In this article, we will contrast the main features offered by each version and highlight the benefits of Exchange online vs. on-premises to help you make an informed decision. Continue reading

Backup Best Practices with Unsupported Databases

Using CloudBerry to secure existing database backups in the cloud requires some additional considerations when designing a backup plan. Unlike CloudBerry file, image, or SQL Server backups using the CloudBerry SQL Server agent, customers need to be careful to design a backup plan that allows for proper database restores based on database retention requirements and backup types performed. Continue reading

Microsoft SQL Server Backup to Azure

Backup Microsoft SQL Database to Azure

If you have already implemented regular backups for Microsoft SQL Sserver, and further improved RPO with transaction logs backups, it is time to configure a disaster recovery solution. If you do not have a dedicated remote datacenter, consider using Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is deeply integrated with Microsoft Server platform.

You will learn how to configure database backup to the cloud and how to implement a disaster recovery solution, using Azure VM instance. Continue reading

Don’t Use Consumer Grade Storage for Backup. Why?

One of the most critical aspects of a sensible backup strategy is the selection of backup storage. From Google Drive to a private Minio server, the range of options is truly infinite. Some of those storage services, however, come with limitations that force you to examine professional-grade choices. Continue reading

SQL Server 2008 Backup Guide

SQL Server 2008 Backup Essentials

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is still one of the most popular corporate database engines, and it has a lot of backup types supported. Let’s briefly remember all of these backup types and find out how to perform the most useful ones. After reading this post, you will know how to backup a database in SQL Server 2008 using query language or SQL Management Studio GUI. Continue reading