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Mount and access cloud storage as a network drive on your local computer. CloudBerry Drive supports over 20 different cloud storage providers including: Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack powered storage and more.
Map cloud storage as a network drive on Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 with CloudBerry Server Drive.

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.4.3

CloudBerry Drive has been updated with support for the recently added Amazon S3 region. (more…)

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.4.3

CloudBerry Drive has been updated with support for Amazon’s new Osaka-Local and Paris regions. (more…)

Support for Wasabi in CloudBerry Drive 2.4

The list of available cloud storage services in CloudBerry Drive already encompasses most major players on the market. Today we welcome…

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.3.4

Today we announce the latest iteration of CloudBerry Drive. Version 2.3.4 mainly focuses on security enhancements as well as giving…

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.3.3

CloudBerry Drive 2.3.3 has been released. The latest iteration packs a number of welcomed bug fixes as well as support for…

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.3.2

CloudBerry Drive 2.3.2 is out, flaunting a few highly requested features. Namely, disabling file cache and Command Line Interface enhancements. (more…)

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration in CloudBerry Drive

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Drive 2.3 and later. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration is a new built-in feature of Amazon…

CloudBerry Drive 2.2.2 Now Supports Amazon VPC

Introduction As you may know, one of the leaders in the cloud market, Amazon company, offers Amazon Virtual Private Cloud…

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.2.1 with new enhancements

We are pleased to announce a new version of CloudBerry Drive which features the following changes: Support of AWS Asia…

Introducing CloudBerry Drive 2.2 with Cache Limit

We are excited to introduce a new version of CloudBerry Drive that comes with the following enhancements: Ability to limit the cache…