SFTP vs. FTPS Comparison: Which One Is Better?


While choosing between SFTP and FTPS, weighing the pros and cons of each option will allow users to have a better understanding of the available choices. Here is a head-to-head SFTP and FTPS comparison that sheds light on the advantages and limitations of each transfer protocol.

The aim of this article is to offer an introduction to the distinguishing features of two secure mainstream file transfer protocols – SFTP and FTPS.

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Microsoft SQL Server Backup to Azure

Backup Microsoft SQL Database to Azure

If you have already implemented regular backups for Microsoft SQL Sserver, and further improved RPO with transaction logs backups, it is time to configure a disaster recovery solution. If you do not have a dedicated remote datacenter, consider using Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is deeply integrated with Microsoft Server platform.

You will learn how to configure database backup to the cloud and how to implement a disaster recovery solution, using Azure VM instance. Continue reading

MSP: Do You Need RMM, PSA or Both?

Does an MSP Need RMM, PSA Software, or Both?PSA (Professional Services Automation) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools are both created to boost a service provider’s business, but they are aimed at different spheres.

Using PSA can help build business processes, while RMM is all about the ‘fine tuning’ of an internal technical support. In this article, we are going to help you choose the right tool first. Continue reading

Bulk Email Marketing Software Guide: Top Solutions for Your MSP Shop

Bulk Email Marketing Software Overview

Email marketing campaigns are perhaps one of the earliest advertising strategies that emerged with the advent of the internet era. However, marketers soon began to realize that as more and more users came onboard the ‘e-mail train’, the sheer quantity of prospective and existing customers that were now online made email marketing campaigns increasingly difficult to manage. Thankfully, the introduction of bulk email marketing software together with the growth in SEO marketing has made the adoption of bulk mailing services a viable option for businesses that are seeking to acquire potential customers while evoking lost interest among their existing clientele. Continue reading

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Building a DR Plan for the Cloud

Cloud Disaster Recovery Guide

You can never know when a disaster will occur to your cloud infrastructure. You can, however, prepare a cloud disaster recovery plan that enables you to restore operations quickly whenever disaster does strike your cloud. This article explains how. Continue reading

Cloud Certifications Guide: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google

Top cloud certifications: AWS, Azure, Google

Where can you find cloud certifications? If you choose to get a cloud certification, should you obtain one from a certain cloud vendor -- such as AWS, Azure or Google -- or should you pursue a general-purpose cloud certification? Which categories of cloud computing certifications are available currently?

Those are all important questions for IT professionals to ask themselves in the present age of cloud-native everything. Keep reading for an overview of the main cloud computing certifications available today. Continue reading

WORM Compliance Explained. Why Do You Need a WORM-Compliant Storage?

Worm Compliance Explained

Introduction: What Is WORM compliance?

WORM (write once, read many), is a storage system concept. Developers designed it to protect information that an organization does not want to be destroyed or altered in any way. With WORM-compliant storage, you can transfer information to a storage device or cloud storage, but, once you transfer the information, it cannot be changed. WORM compliance also requires a second form of storage (at minimum) as a backup in the event that a drive is stolen or destroyed. Because WORM compliance demands that data be unalterable, in cases where access is necessary, that access is restricted to read-only. Continue reading

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery vs BCDR: Difference Explained

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery vs BCDR Difference

It can be easy to assume that business continuity and disaster recovery are synonyms for the same thing. In reality, however, these terms business continuity and disaster recovery have very different definitions. Although they are related concepts, the tools, processes, and goals associated with disaster recovery and business continuity vary significantly.

This article defines business continuity and disaster recovery discusses the differences between them and explains how to build a disaster recovery solution that addresses business continuity needs. Continue reading