Best Practices: Optimizing Cloud Backup for Low Bandwidth

Backup with Low BandwidthCloud storage prices are going down, so they attract a growing number of small and medium businesses. Unfortunately, business data volume rarely fits the average Internet speed. IT professionals have to develop strategies which balance RTO & RPO expectations with the bandwidth capacity. This article provides an overview of main Internet speed challenges and reveals backup best practices from CloudBerry Lab:

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Google Cloud Storage Classes Overview


Google Cloud Storage has a number of classes to choose from. All of them guarantee 99.999999999% durability, have universal API, unlimited capacity, and almost zero latency—the download starts within milliseconds. Still, they vary in price and usage terms. In this post, we will explain Google Cloud Storage classes and find the best one that suits your needs. Continue reading

Backup Types Explained: Incremental vs. Differential vs. Full vs. Synthetic


We live in a digital world, in a software-defined world, a world of data. Every single day we use our favorite apps, we check services whose back-end contain massive amounts of our users' data which are very critical and are unaffordable to lose. The digital world defines its own rules and offers various combinations of protection strategies, backup approaches, and disaster recovery actions. Continue reading

Cloud Storage Evolution


Over the course of the last few years, in addition to Standard cloud storage, large cloud providers began offering long-term Cool and Cold storage class options. These alternatives take the place of traditional storage solutions like tape libraries. But what are they and which class or classes should a business use? In this article, we will look at the cloud storage and class options offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and its recently announced Cloud Storage Coldline - and the growing changes and needs in the marketplace. Continue reading

How to Use Amazon S3 Cost-Effectively


The benefits of Amazon Web Services are directly proportional to the number of ways to use it. It’s not unusual for the business to allocate a limited budget on cloud storage, but never use it to the max. Then it turns out the company uses several paid solutions for a bunch of tasks that can be accomplished with AWS.

We’ve prepared an Amazon S3 use case list that will help you take the most out of it in your workflow.
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Microsoft Azure: Blob/Object Storage Account Overview


Microsoft Azure offers a variety of storage services for business and developers, but requires some time to understand its basics. Four storage types, three storage classes within an object storage, two account types and two access tiers — pretty complicated, huh? But this complexity shouldn’t drive you away from using cost-effective and reliable storage.

In this blog post we uncover MS Azure architecture and explain major differences between storage types, classes, access tiers and pricing.

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