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CloudBerry Backup Review on Linux Quest

Check out the review of our Linux backup software. Here Rob Collins, the Linux Quest host, looks at the easy set-up process for local backup.

The review is for freeware edition, but if you want to go Pro, they have a discount coupon link for Linux Quest viewers only.  Enter their channel to win it!

Free Data Recovery Software

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In a perfect world, you would have an automated data backup and recovery solution in place for all of your data so that you never need to worry about losing data.

In the real world, however, you may sometimes experience data loss without having a data backup in place. For example, you may have a disk drive that begins to fail and contains data that is not backed up, or you may accidentally delete files that have not yet been written to a backup location.

Fortunately, it is sometimes possible to recover data in situations like this. Several free data recovery software can help you to restore data even from disks that are damaged, or after you have erased data from your file system.

This article provides an overview of free data recovery tools and explains what each one can do to help you recover data after a data loss. Continue reading

CloudBerry Backup Review by Lawrence Systems

Once you watch Lawrence Systems/PC Pickup YouTube channel you will be absolutely in love with these guys. These guys are true enthusiasts of their trade and do an extremely good job at what they do. Lawrence Technology Services with its CEO Thomas Lawrence, is helping people find the best IT business solution for their individual needs. Continue reading

Cloud Backup Comparison: CloudBerry Backup vs CrashPlan and Code42 CrashPlan

With dozens of features and details of internal IT-infrastructure to consider, selecting the right application to backup your data is always a challenge. In this series of articles, we compare CloudBerry Backup and Managed Backup solution solutions with other vendors’ backup products by a number of criteria and features that are important to users, businesses, and managed service providers.

Today, we will take a closer look at CrashPlan backup and Code42 CrashPlan enterprise solution:
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Top Antivirus Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Secure information infrastructure is a crucial component for the success of modern business. Previously, we have explained how ransomware works and how to protect against ransomware with backups.

However, there is a more obvious way of protection.

In this article, we consider offers for Managed Service Provider (MSP) from antivirus companies and discuss most valuable criteria in choosing complex anti-virus solution. Continue reading

What Is Best for Backup: Online Cloud Storage Comparison

What Is Best for Backup: Cloud Storage Comparison

No one likes to think about the possibility of losing their data. The average person has a 33% chance of losing data whether it’s because of a virus, faulty hard drive, or simply human error.  Fortunately, with cloud technology, backing up your data is easier than ever.  The hardest part may be deciding which cloud service to choose.

Three of the most popular options include Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. All three offer cost effective, consumer-oriented solutions with enough capacity to store all of your critical files. The question is, how do they compare? We’ve made cloud storage comparison to help you decide which cloud drive is right for your situation.

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CloudBerry Managed Backup vs SOS Online Backup

In this article we will compare SOS Online Backup and CloudBerry Managed Backup. Both products can be used by Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers and IT service companies for cloud backup purposes. We would speak about destination of user’s cloud backup, user experiences with both products, final cost, security and technologies being supported to highlight the advantages of CloudBerry Managed Backup Service.

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GFI MAX Managed Online Backup vs CloudBerry Managed Backup

In this article we will compare CloudBerry Managed Backup and GFI MAX Managed Online Backup, highlighting advantages of CloudBerry Lab solution.

Both products provide robust real-time and incremental hybrid backups: local and to the cloud storage, making them attractive for SMB infrastructures and service providers. They are oriented on the same audience and are intended to solve the same business needs. However, they are implemented using different concepts, technologies and policies.

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CloudBerry Managed Backup vs Vembu’s StoreGrid Cloud

In this article we will compare two cloud backup solutions: StoreGrid Cloud from Vembu Technologies and CloudBerry Managed Backup from CloudBerry Lab. We believe that CloudBerry Lab has essential advantages which lay in public cloud storage support, different pricing model, advanced security and additional functionality. We would also speak about Managed Backup possibilities with CloudBerry which would be interesting for Managed Service Providers.

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