Rackspace Cloud Files

Here you can find an information about the Rackspace Cloud Files and relevant issues.

Support of Regions in CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStack

CloudBerry Lab constantly works on enhancement of our products. Today we are happy to introduce support for OpenStack regions in CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStack – a file manager that allows creating, browsing, modifying and deleting files and containers on any OpenStack-compatible storage.
Now users of OpenStack-based cloud storage services can specify a region in which their data will be stored. It means that you can specify a region for any container within RackSpace, HP Cloud, CloudWatt and other OpenStack-based cloud storage services that have multiple regions.

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How to Sign Up with Keystone Authentication

CloudBerry products like can be used with OpenStack-based cloud storage services. And all OpenStack-based cloud storage services at the moment support Keystone authentication. OpenStack Keystone is a secure identity service that can be used for connecting CloudBerry products with OpenStack-based cloud storage service accounts.

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