MSP Voice Episode 19 – Bart Barcewicz from B Suite Cyber Security

MSP Voice Episode 19 with Bart Barcewicz

October is national cybersecurity month so this week’s guest is Bart Barcewicz from B Suite Cyber Security. Bart and Doug Hazelman discuss security practices in general as well as some things you need to do to make sure you and your customers are secure. Bart also shares some great advice for starting out: “if you want something you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 18 – Alvaro Prieto from Auxis

MSP Voice Episode 18 with Alvaro Prieto

This week's guest is Alvaro Prieto from AuxisAlvaro and his business partner Raul started Auxis about 20 years ago. Alvaro brought technical skills and Raul was on the business and finance side. Today Auxis employs more than 400 people in the United States and Latin America. Alvaro and Doug Hazelman have a great discussion about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how Auxis has used RPA to accelerate their business. The Auxis blog has some great information on RPA and they also have a report, “Where are with RPA Today” that is available for download. Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 17 – Jay Wong from Xyber Solutions

This week’s guest is Jay Wong from Xyber Solutions in Perth Australia. Jay started is “PC shop” with a dream and a credit card and now runs a successful business with projects and customers in multiple countries. Jay shares his passion for technology and how he has grown his business. More about Jay’s story here: Daring to dream Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 16 – Brad Proctor from University PC Care

The interview this week is with Brad Proctor from University PC Care in Greenville, NC. Brad talks about his career and also what they had to do to prepare for Hurricane Florence as it headed towards North Carolina. Brad is a big fan of Apple and was instrumental in having University PC Care become an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Brad has some great advice for all MSPs out there! Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 15: with Steve Taylor from MSP Webinars

This week’s guest is Steve Taylor from MSPWebinars.While Steve still runs an MSP business, he’s been focusing a lot of his time running MSPWebinars, a great resource for MSPs. Steve doesn’t take “vendor” money for sponsorships, he has a subscription model for MSPs. With the subscription you get access to a lot of great resources and also vendor deals (vendors are required to offer a special deal to appear on MSPWebinars). Steve is offering a special discount for MSP Voice listeners, get $45 off your first year. Just sign up here: Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 14: with Ben Petersen from Resolve IT

Ben Peterson from Resolve IT decided 8 years ago to move back to his hometown and startup his own MSP Business. During this episode we cover topics such as:

  • building trust with break-fix customers to move them to monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • updating his brand identity
  • the power of search engine optimization for advertising (SEO)
  • “pretty good” vs “Exceptional” in getting referrals
  • And getting started by creating some rules (and sometimes breaking them)

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MSP Voice Episode 13: “SALES!” with Jack Mortell from StratX IT

In this episode, we interview Jack Mortell who is EVP of Sales and Partners at stratx IT solutions in New York. Statx has about 60 employees and focuses about 90% on the healthcare market. With Jack’s background in sales, we dive a bit deep in this episode about the types of salespeople, who makes a good salesperson and how to make sure you can align the MSP owner’s vision and passion to the salesforce.

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MSP Voice Episode 12: Ryan Day from ITR America

In this episode, Doug interviews Ryan Day from ITR America. ITR is not an MSP company but a seller/supplier of parts for heavy equipment. Ryan had to transition ITR from a disparate IT operation to one that operates like an MSP. Ryan uses many of the same tools any MSP would. We also discuss downtime and how Ryan has set up his infrastructure to minimize downtime and save the company money.

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