CloudBerry Backup: Cloud to Cloud Backup Functionality

With the latest release of CloudBerry Backup comes a brand new feature named Cloud to Cloud Backup. Cloud to Cloud Backup functionality significantly enhances capabilities of CloudBerry Backup as it adds valuable ability to automate backup of data kept in one cloud storage location to another. Cloud to Cloud Backup allows setting up backup for different cloud storage services, for different accounts in one cloud storage or even for different containers within a single cloud storage account. Now backup of data in the cloud becomes as easy as for those in the local storage.

How to Set Up Cloud to Cloud Backup

1. Run CloudBerry Backup.

2. Click on the “Cloud to Cloud” icon on the toolbar or open the "File" menu and click "Cloud to Cloud".

3. Select a source cloud storage account. Click “Next”.
Cloud to Cloud Backup: Selecting Source Storage
4. Select objects you want to back up. Click “Next”.
Cloud to Cloud Backup: Selecting Objects
5. Select a destination cloud storage account. Click “Next”.
Cloud to Cloud Backup: Selecting Destination Storage
6. Proceed with further steps of Backup Wizard as usually.
7. Specify schedule options. Click “Next”.
Cloud to Cloud Backup: Schedule Settings
8. Finish with the remaining steps of the Backup Wizard.
9. To run a backup plan:
  • Check the "Run backup now" box on the Finish Screen of the Backup Wizard. Backup plan will be run on premise.
  • Go to the “Backup Plans” tab, expand the Cloud to Cloud Backup plan and click “Run backup now”.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Cloud to cloud backup runs through the computer where CloudBerry Backup is installed. For local computers data will be downloaded locally and re-uploaded to another cloud. For EC2 or Azure Instance data stays inside the cloud.


With new Cloud to Cloud backup functionality CloudBerry Backup becomes even more appealing to broader audience of SMB customers. New Cloud to Cloud functionality may be valuable for all the cloud storage users who have more than one account. But we assume that the greatest value it will provide for those who deliver any kind of digital content to the end users via the cloud. Using easy and robust CloudBerry Backup solution allows avoiding loss of your media, application, website or other data in case of possible disaster.
Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup 3.8 and later.
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