CloudBerry Explorer and Amazon CloudFront

Amazon recently announced CloudFront service, its version of reliable and cost efficient Content Delivery Network that is seamlessly integrated with Amazon S3. Now it is a time to tell you how easy you can configure CloudFront using CloudBerry Explorer.
To create CloudFront distribution using CloudBerry explorer you have to click a bucket and choose “distribution” option from context menu. Notice that you can click “distribution” button in the toolbar

Click create link in the pop-up window. The screen will look like the one below after you click create.

Now all you have to do is to make sure you check “Enable Distribution” to “on” and click ok. You can also optionally specify CNAMEs and Comment to your newly create distribution. Note, that CNAMEs when it comes to CloudFront distributions are less restrictive than those you configure for a regular S3 bucket.
After you click ok, you will be presented with a confirmation dialog and you will see the progress.
Now you will experience some delay as it takes time to propagate your files to the edge servers. Once the distribution is ready you will see the whole bunch of new bucket properties on the property screen. Keep in mind that Status field will be “In Progress” while Amazon copies your files to the edge servers and turn to “Deployed” when done.

Notice how the icon of the bucket that has been configured for CloudFront distribution changes

To delete distribution simply go to distribution screen again and click “Delete CloudFront” link
Once again you will have to confirm the operation and wait before it is completed
Again, you will experience some delay as it takes time to remove files from edge servers.

Finally, you can temporarily disable distribution by clearing out “Enable Distribution” checkbox
We hope you will find our post useful and will enjoy the easiness of CloudBerry explorer coupled with effectiveness of Amazon Web Services. As always we appreciate your feedback as it helps to make the product better!