CloudBerry S3 Explorer and GoodData on Demand CloudFront Log Analysis

CloudBerry Explorer is by far one of the most popular tool for managing Amazon S3 and CloudFront accounts. One of the aspect that the tool is designed to manage is CloudFront access logs. Check out our previous post on how to enable CloudFront logging. CloudBerry Explorer also provides some basic reports to get started with CloudFront logging, but if you have a heavily loaded production environment that leverages CloudFront as CDN and you want to slice and dice the data 3rd party services such as S3stat, SiSenseor Good Data can help.

In this post we will introduce Good Data and how CloudBerry Explorer can help GoodData users.

What is GoodData?

Good Data provides an on demand service to analyze Amazon CloudFront performance and traffic logs. Pre-built reports provide a comprehensive view into your content delivery performance across technology, geography, and time. Ad hoc analysis enables you to discover the underlying causes of performance issues. Best of all, there’s no software to install, no licenses to buy, and no IT support required. The service is completely web based. It is currently in a limited beta and if you are interested in taking part you are invited to sign-up

Why I need CloudBerry Explorer?

One of the problems that the services like GoodData experiencing is that only the owner of the bucket gets access to the log file. Consequently GoodData doesn’t have access to newly created log files and can’t generate reports.

To address this limitation we have implemented a capability to propagate ACL settings on a scheduled base. In other words at a regular intervals CloudBerry Explorer will automatically check for new files and modify their ACL to match the ACL setup for the parent bucket.

This will help to provide GoodData service account with the access to all files so that the service can keep generating reports.

How it works

Just select a bucket setup as a CloudFront distribution and click Schedule ACL on the task bar as shown on the picture.

It will open a dialog that will help you to schedule CloudBerry Explorer service process using Windows Task scheduler. The process will basically check for the new files every hour by default and apply the ACL list of the parent bucket to all files in it.

Once the process is setup you can enjoy advanced reporting generated using GoodData. This feature is not limited to GoodData service and can be used for other services such as that provides for a FREE FLV converter – check here for more info.

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Explorer 1.5.2 and later.
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