CloudBerry Lab Welcomes Crashplan for Home Users

Crashplan for home discontinued

On the 22nd August 2017, the well-known online backup provider, CrashPlan, has announced that it's CrashPlan for Home product will be soon discontinued. We at CloudBerry are happy to offer to all CrashPlan for Home users our CloudBerry Backup Desktop Edition.
Here is why you can switch to CloudBerry without a fuss.

What is CloudBerry Backup?

CloudBerry Backup is a cross-platform backup solution that allows you to transfer your data to the cloud. We've been developing our backup software for nearly a decade. Today, hundreds of thousands of customers are using our solution to keep their data safe.

CloudBerry Backup allows you to perform:

  • Local and cloud backup to the cloud of your choice
  • Scheduled and real-time backup
  • Encrypted and compressed backup of your files

We offer One Time Fee

CloudBerry Desktop Pro is $29.99 one-time fee license (as low as half a price of CrashPlan minimum yearly subscription). That means, that it works for $29.99 in a lifetime. Choose optional annual maintenance to get access to technical support and software upgrades."

You can also get CloudBerry Desktop Free Edition, which is free.

We Won't Lock You To One Storage

CloudBerry Backup supports dozens of the most popular storage providers. AWS, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, BackBlaze B2 and many more, You name it!

You Don't Know How to Choose the Storage Provider?

There are many cloud storage providers and it is not that simple to choose the needed one. We would recommend you to start from our well-known partners - Wasabi and BackBlaze B2. They offer incomparably low prices, high speed of both upload and download of your files.

We Do Windows, Mac and Linux

We offer CloudBerry Backup for Windows, macOS and Linux. Get the most suitable solution for your needs and environment!

We Will Give you 15% Discount for our CloudBerry Backup Desktop PRO

Check out our special offer for customers, migrating from CrashPlan for Home product. The coupons will expire on the 10th of October, 2017. Don't miss!

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