Expedited Restore in CloudBerry Backup 5.4

We’ve recently covered new Restore Wizard options and support for Snowball import for SQL in the latest CloudBerry Backup 5.4. Among other features is the option to disable automatic repository sync to considerably expedite the retrieval process.


Upon adding your account and in some other cases, automatic repository sync commences. While it’s great for keeping up-to-date with the cloud, it sometimes takes forever to complete and thus unacceptable to wait. Perhaps you need to perform disaster recovery and are unable to wait for millions of files to be processed. With that in mind, we have added the Restore only option in the advanced settings of your cloud account to let you expedite the process. With this option enabled, your account will not use local repository and access data directly from the backup destination. To start using this feature, add a new cloud account. For the sake of this example, we're gonna use Amazon S3.


Select S3, fill out your credentials, and then click Advanced Settings.

Now select Restore only and then click OK.

Notice that  your account is now gray-colored.

Furthermore, if you activate CloudBerry Backup in the Restore only mode, the Restore only option will be the only choice available for you in your cloud account settings.

Similarly, you can always toggle between Restore only and Regular mode, provided that both options are available. Read our overview article that covers other features in CloudBerry Backup 5.4.