Getting Started with B2 Cloud Storage by Backblaze and CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup v5.0 now supports B2 Cloud Storage v1.0 released by the Backblaze team. B2 Cloud Storage service offers its users unlimited storage for $0.005/GB per month with 10GB for free.

In this post we explain how to sign up for B2 Cloud Storage account, connect it with CloudBerry Backup and configure a backup plan.

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    Let’s get started with a sign-up.

    How to Sign up to B2 Cloud Storage


    • To be correctly enabled, B2 Cloud Storage requires Two-Factor Sign in Activation. Provide your phone number along with the current password and enter a 6-digit verification code sent via SMS.


    How to Find B2 Cloud Storage Account ID and Application Key

    • After you verified your account, go to Buckets section and choose Show Account ID and Application Key


    • On the next screen choose Create Application Key. Remember your Account ID and Application Key


    How to Start Using B2 Cloud Storage with CloudBerry Backup

    • Open CloudBerry Backup and choose to Add New Account. Choose B2 cloud Storage from the list of supported storage services.


    • Enter a Display Name and then provide the Account ID and Application ID from the previous step. Create a bucket via the B2 web interface and you will see it listed in CloudBerry Backup. Choose the bucket you want to use for backup and click OK.


    How to Setup B2 Cloud Storage as a Backup Destination Bucket via CloudBerry Backup

    • Choose Setup backup plan from the menu on the left


    • Select B2 Cloud Storage from the list of available services


    • Follow the backup wizard steps to configure your backup plan


    Now you've successfully signed up to B2 Cloud Storage service, found your Account ID and Application ID and configured a bucket as a destination folder for your cloud backup.

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