Introducing CloudBerry Backup 2.0.1 for macOS & Linux

Roughly 2 weeks ago we announced the second major release of CloudBerry Backup for macOS & Linux. We continue adding new features and today announce the release of version 2.0.1 which brings a neat new feature that enhances the security of the app.


At the request of many of our users we have implemented master password functionality within the app. In a nutshell, the feature allows you to set a password that needs to be entered whenever the app is launched. It's crucial to know, however, that this password only prevents interaction with the app's GUI. Therefore, the command line interface is still available for potential malefactors. So think of it as a protection against office passersby and family members.


To set the master password, go to Settings. Under Application, select the Protect console with master password checkbox.

A dialog window will appear. Enter the preferred password, confirm it, and click OK.

Similarly, you can change your master password by clicking on the little gear icon next to the checkbox.

Having enabled and set the master password, you will be prompted to enter it every time you launch the app.