Introducing CloudBerry Dedup Server 2.2

CloudBerry Dedup Server 2.2 is out, featuring long-awaited new functionality, bug fixes, and overall performance improvements. Read on to learn more about the novelties in our flagship deduplication software.


Dedup Server is data deduplication software that reduces the size of your backups by recognizing and storing only one copy of identical blocks across all your files. It then combines these blocks into so-called mediasets which in turn are shipped to the cloud. This process appreciably reduces the volume of uploaded data and helps reduce the bills.

Image-based and ESXi backups

Previous versions of Dedup Server poorly handled image-based and virtual machines (ESXi servers) backups. Version 2.2 now offers a reliable and stable mechanism of performing such backups, thus allowing you to save money and traffic on uploading large virtual machines. Simply specify Dedup Server as your backup destination of choice in the Backup Wizard.

Redesigned Wizards

Release 2.2 is packed with two redesigned wizards. First off, we've altered the design of the Startup Wizard. No drastic changes, just a bit simplified. Additionally, we completely redesigned the repository restore wizard. It's now more intuitive and simple. Behold the new design:

AWS GovCloud bugfix

Further, we have fixed a bug that triggered unstable behavior when working with AWS GovCloud accounts. If you're one of those users who use the feature — go ahead and install the build, it's working fine now.

Support for AWS Canada & London regions

From now on you can select the buckets located in the following AWS regions: Canada & London when setting up your S3 account.