Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.2

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is receiving its second major update, bringing you two new features that will further improve the overall experience with using the app. In this short blog post we concisely demonstrate the latest novelties.

Invitation links

The first major feature of CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.2 is the support for invitation links. In essence, they allow you to quickly let other people connect to your Remote Assistant without the hassle of using IDs and passwords. The app's interface now features a new button that generates these invitation links. Simply click Get Invitation Link, and the app will instantly generate a link.

You can copy the invitation link as well as set the link's lifetime.

Afterward, send the link to the person that intends to connect to your computer. They will then have to enter the link in their browser. If Remote Assistant is installed, the session will automatically be initiated. Conversely, if the computer lacks Remote Assistant, you will immediately be prompted to install it.

Built-in updater

The second feature is nothing too groundbreaking — built-in updater. From now on there's no need to manually check if there's a new version on our website. Simply click Check for Updates under Help, and the updater will fetch and install the latest available version.

You may first familiarize yourself with the changes in the latest version and click Install new version.

The new build will thereafter be downloaded and installed.

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