Introducing CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3

CloudBerry Remote Assistant is receiving yet another update. Release 1.3 brings one small but highly important feature — encrypted sessions. Read on to learn more about the new feature and how you can enable it to ensure secure data transfer.

Encrypted sessions

CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3 gives you the option to encrypt all incoming connections. We're using the RSA algorithm to encrypt sessions. Enabling this encryption is as easy as selecting a checkbox.

The latest release comes with slightly updated interface. Namely, we've added the Security Configuration button that enables you to configure all of the encryption settings.

Select the Encrypt the incoming connection's traffic checkbox, and Remote Assistant will automatically generate the public key that you should hand over to the person authorized to remotely connect to this computer.

Further, when that person attempts to connect to your computer, they should specify the public key by clicking on the button right next to the Remote computer ID text field.

It is finally required to select the Encryption required checkbox, paste the key, and click OK.

The padlock icon should then turn shut, indicating that all future sessions will be encrypted by default.

Similarly, if encryption is no longer required, simply deselecting the checkbox will turn off the encryption.


As you can see, safe data transfer is now just a few clicks away. CloudBerry Remote Assistant 1.3 leaves no chances for malicious activity.

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