Launching CloudShare.Me – Simple File Sharing Service for Amazon S3

The internet is crowded with files sharing services and we can’t argue with this statement.So why should you have another file sharing service? We found out that many people who have their own Amazon S3 accounts would be happy to be able to share contents of their buckets with other people.

Why do you have to store files in two places like Amazon S3 and some kind of file sharing services to make it accessible for everybody else. You don’t have to do that anymore. CloudShare.Me is a new free online service provided by CloudBerry Lab that help you to share your files right from your Amazon S3 buckets.

Just go to and type in the name of the public bucket to view the files.

Click the file name to move to slide show mode

Or click thumb button to look at all the images at once

Want to tell the files with your friends? Click tweet It button to send an update to twitter or share button to send a link to many social networking and bookmarking websites such as Digg, Delicious, Facebook, etc.

Wondering how to make your bucket public? CloudBerry Explorer can help you here as always. Just select the bucket you want to make public and open the ACL Editor. Click “Public (everyone)” button. This will basically grant read access to all internet (anonymus) users.

Click “Apply for all subfolders “ checkbox to propogates access rights to all files in the bucket. Click Apply.Now you can click cloud link to check out your files online!

Now you are ready to go to and give it a try. We really hope you will like our new service. Any questions or comments? Use large FEEDBACK button at the left of the screen!

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