New Restore Wizard Options in CloudBerry Backup 5.4

CloudBerry Backup 5.4 is at long last out. It flaunts a great many new features; among them are new Restore Wizard options that enable you to set up more specific restore plans.

Restore Wizard has been appreciably expanded in functionality. Namely, two new options have been added to the restore type list as well as support for restoring deleted files.

Modification & Backup Period

While selecting the requisite restore date of your files, you can now specify the modification and backup period. The Modification period indicates that only files that were modified within that period will be restored. Similarly, specifying the Backup period will ensure that only files that were backed up throughout that period will be restored. Specify the requisite period and click Next.

Restore Deleted Files

Every now and then you delete files even as you continue making incremental backups. And while these deleted files are not visible when you restore the latest versions, they’re as a matter of fact still available in the cloud and can be recovered. Select the Restore deleted files checkbox and click Next. Once the plan completes, the deleted files will be successfully restored.

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