Offline Activation for CloudBerry Backup & Explorer is Now Easier

If you're unable to activate your copy of CloudBerry Explorer or CloudBerry Backup online (for example, in case of access restrictions), you can use the offline activation instead.

Starting from now, there are two ways to perform offline activation: you can do offline activation via new graphical user interface, or you can use command line interface as before.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to perform offline activation for CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer via graphical user interface.

Offline Activation via Graphical User Interface

1. Launch the product. Click Offline activation.2. Enter your Email address, your license key, and click “Generate Service Key” button.Note: If you want to take advantage of the 15-day free trial period, you can select Activate Trial and then enter the code that we'd sent you right before you started downloading the installer from our website. If you've lost the code, click I don't have the code underneath the text field.3. Copy the generated Service Key by clicking “Copy to Clipboard” button and email this key to with the “Offline Activation” subject.4.You will get an email notification with the ticket number assigned to your request. The activation key will be shortly provided to you by our support department via e-mail.

5. After you receive the activation key from CloudBerry support according to your ticket, copy the key from the email, go to the second tab of “Product Activation” screen, and paste the the key to the field in the bottom of the “Activate” tab.6. Press “Activate” button. If activation code has been entered correctly, a notification appears.7. Press “OK” to finish up the activation. After that, your CloudBerry Backup or CloudBerry  Explorer launches.

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Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer.

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