How to Secure Your Cloud Data Storage — Tips for Professionals and End Users

Is Your Cloud Data Storage Secure?

Concerns about storage security in cloud computing persist, and rightly so. While millions of individual users and a staggering 90% of enterprises worldwide continue to benefit from the ease of cloud storage, even big names like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Apple have become victims of cloud security breaches. Continue reading

Bulk Email Marketing Software Guide: Top Solutions for Your MSP Shop

Bulk Email Marketing Software Overview

Email marketing campaigns are perhaps one of the earliest advertising strategies that emerged with the advent of the internet era. However, marketers soon began to realize that as more and more users came onboard the ‘e-mail train’, the sheer quantity of prospective and existing customers that were now online made email marketing campaigns increasingly difficult to manage. Thankfully, the introduction of bulk email marketing software together with the growth in SEO marketing has made the adoption of bulk mailing services a viable option for businesses that are seeking to acquire potential customers while evoking lost interest among their existing clientele. Continue reading

Full Disk Encryption: Approaches and Solutions for MSPs

Full Disk Encryption bitlocker

Data leaks and ransomware infections are common threats nowadays, which you can avoid by using data encryption technologies. If no one can read your data, you do not need to be too afraid of its theft.

That is why it is becoming more popular to encrypt system drives. In this article, we are going to overview the BitLocker tool and a few of its alternatives. Continue reading

A Few Steps to Windows Server Hardening

Windows Server Hardening Checklist banner

What is server hardening? There are many different ways for a hacker to attack a Windows server, from unpatched system vulnerabilities to misconfigured settings, unnecessary protocols, or vulnerable applications. The process of getting these vulnerabilities closed off or patched (or at least most of them) is server hardening Continue reading

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Building a DR Plan for the Cloud

Cloud Disaster Recovery Guide

You can never know when a disaster will occur to your cloud infrastructure. You can, however, prepare a cloud disaster recovery plan that enables you to restore operations quickly whenever disaster does strike your cloud. This article explains how. Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 8: Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc

In the 8th episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc.

Dentek Systems, Inc. (DSI) was founded in Richardson, Texas circa 2002 as a turnkey Information Technology and Audio/Video solutions provider. We offer an array of services and support for new and existing small to mid-size companies. We specialize primarily in the healthcare industry, however, we have experience with a wide variety of professional and residential projects.

This is also the very first episode to feature our new rubric - the Best of Reddit where we choose the most interesting (in our opinion) topics from r/MSP subreddit. Check the 8th episode of the MSP Voice under the cut!

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