PICK Programmer’s Shop: Amazon Glacier Saved Us Thousands


PICK Programmer’s Shop is a complete information technology solutions provider. The company provides a broad range of services, from maintenance and troubleshooting of existing systems to design and deployment of new ones. Cloud backup is one of the services the company offers.

We spoke to Jim Williams, Systems Support Engineer of PICK Programmer’s Shop.

CloudBerry: Jim, tell us please what is the main reason you have chosen Glacier as your cloud storage?

Jim: Cost was the primary factor, and it’s tough to beat Amazon. We’ve saved thousands.

CloudBerry: What are the outcomes of the Glacier-CloudBerry project?

Jim: The initial setup was straightforward and painless, and archiving to Glacier couldn’t be any easier. We’ve cut storage costs dramatically and we now have the option to restore backups to virtual machines in minutes, eliminating hours or days of downtime for our customers.

CloudBerry: How does your final archiving architecture look?

Jim: Currently, for users who are using cloud storage, full image backups are performed locally first to an external drive or a NAS. Another backup job pushes full images to S3 and Cloudberry archives those images in Glacier and retains them for a given period.

CloudBerry: What other AWS services do you use?

Jim: We host multiple web apps on EC2 instances.

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