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CloudBerry Backup Now Supports Azure Archive Blob Storage

CloudBerry Backup is receiving yet another update, making it the first cloud backup solution that natively supports Microsoft Azure's latest blob storage tier — Archival. In this post we briefly explain what that is and how you can take advantage of it to reduce your cloud storage fees.

As of 13 December 2017 Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage is publicly released
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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 5.7

Just three months after the last major update, we're bringing you the next iteration of our flagship backup product — CloudBerry Backup. Release 5.7 brings a number of critical and highly-expected features that further expand the app's functionality regarding interaction with VMware vSphere hypervisor, Hybrid Backup capabilities and support for Azure Archival tier, among others.

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Restoring image-based backups as VMware virtual machines

CloudBerry Backup is tightly integrated with VMware vSphere virtualization software. Not only do we back up virtual machines to the cloud, but we also offer restoration of image-based backups as VMware virtual machines — starting from release 5.7. Read on to learn more about the new feature, and see the process in action.

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Fast NTFS scan in CloudBerry Backup 5.7

CloudBerry Backup always aims to accelerate the backup process. One of the things that call for enhancement is file scanning, especially so for the owners of HDDs. In the latest version of CloudBerry Backup — release 5.7 — we're introducing Fast NTFS Scan; this feature will considerably expedite the backup process for users with millions of files.
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All-Inclusive Support for Hybrid Backup in CloudBerry Backup 5.7

Back in May we introduced CloudBerry Backup 5.6 with support for Hybrid Backup — a feature that enables you to swiftly and conveniently perform simultaneous backup to local and cloud storage. However, Hybrid Backup was then only limited to basic file backup. In release 5.7 we take things further and expand the support for Hybrid Backup across all types of backup.
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Support for Backup Operators API in CloudBerry Backup 5.7

CloudBerry Backup was designed with security in mind. For that reason we’ve decided to enable the support for backup operators in the latest version of our flagship backup solution — release 5.7. This novelty will further expand your ability to limit the backup’s service permissions by running it under user accounts that are part of the Backup Operators group. Read on to learn how you can utilize the new feature.
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