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What Is Best for Backup: Cloud Storage Performance Comparison

Cloud Storage Performance Comparison: What Is Best for Backup

No one likes to think about the possibility of losing their data. The average person has a 33% chance of losing data whether it’s because of a virus, faulty hard drive, or simply human error.  Fortunately, with cloud technology backing up your data is easier than ever.  The hardest part may be deciding which cloud service to choose.

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Encryption & compression for Google & Amazon Drive in CloudBerry Backup 5.6

CloudBerry Backup 5.6 packs a number of new features and improvements, among which is the highly-requested support for encryption and compression for Amazon Drive and Google Drive backup. Read on to learn how to enable the novelty in the latest edition of CloudBerry Backup.
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Microsoft OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive vs Google Drive vs OneDrive Banner

Updated on 6/27/2017

We continue discovering cloud storage services. Recently we published an article about Microsoft OneDrive and Azure services, and today we will explore and compare the three most popular cloud drive products: OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Amazon Drive. 

What is Microsoft OneDrive

Being a built-in feature of the latest Windows systems, OneDrive does not require anything else to install. Its client app starts synchronizing as soon as the user is authenticated with the Microsoft account. The product is deeply integrated with MS Office suite and it simplifies saving of documents directly to the cloud.
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Amazon Cloud Storage: S3 or Cloud Drive?

Services behind Amazon Web Services are almost countless. We have already explained the difference between Amazon Glacier, Standard I/A and RRS classes of Amazon S3 cloud storage. Today we’re going to compare Amazon S3 with Amazon Drive — standalone storage service designed by AWS. Learn more about AWS lambda here.

While considered a standalone service by many users, Amazon Drive uses one and the same infrastructure as Amazon S3 as a backend. But even this fact doesn’t mean it has the same possibilities. Users pay more, but get less functional. Let’s examine both storage services from the point of backup.

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