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Meet Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage

Back in August, Microsoft announced Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage. Extremely competitive pricing along with local and geographic redundancy have us at CloudBerry excited and we are now announcing support for Azure Archive Blob Storage in CloudBerry Backup. After giving us a sneak peek a few months back, Microsoft has now released the feature to the general public. Read on to learn more about  Azure Archive Blob Storage and its benefits. Continue reading

Data Backup vs Archiving: The Key Differences Explained

Backup vs Archive

Backup and archive are terms that you might hear used interchangeably. In reality, however, they are not at all the same thing. Understanding the difference between backup and archive is crucial in order to ensure that your data processes meet your needs. Doing data backups when you instead require a data archive, or vice versa, can have very negative results when it comes time to retrieve data. This article defines data backups and data archiving and explains the differences between them. Continue reading

The True Cold Storage Cost

The True Cold Storage Cost

IT organizations today need to be savvy when it comes to spending, and the shift from on-premises storage to cloud-based storage is just one example of how data storage providers can deliver the same level of service but at a reduced cost. Providers of services like cloud backup know that businesses are always looking for ways to keep costs down, particularly when it comes to cloud storage.

Tiered storage offerings today are designed to align with business needs—from the most critical of data to “Let’s just keep it in case we need it someday” data, and everything in between. These offerings seem to meet specific needs for cloud-based storage, but at a cost that lines up with the value perceived of the data being stored.

So, when looking at cold storage, is cold storage just cheap storage?

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We Introduce CloudBerry Backup 4.5

CloudBerry Backup 4.5 comes with a set of new remarkable features and enhancements such as the ability to backup and restore NTFS permissions, perform server restore on Amazon EC2 and clear the Archive Bit attribute of the files during the backup.
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CloudBerry Backup Supports Oracle Archive Storage

The latest release of CloudBerry Backup supports Oracle Archive Storage. Using CloudBerry Backup, you can effectively automate your backups and restores and take advantage of the various outstanding features that come with our product! Continue reading

Clear Archive Bit Attribute with CloudBerry Backup: Guide

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup 4.5 and later.

Starting from the latest release of CloudBerry Backup, you can automatically clear the Archive Bit attribute for the files during the backup process! In this post, we explain what is Archive Bit, what is it good for and how to configure CloudBerry Backup to make it turn off this attribute every time you run the backup iteration. Continue reading