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How to Backup and Restore Windows 7 with OneDrive

Any user of Microsoft Windows 7 needs a proper backup system to avoid data loss in any case. Since Microsoft offers OneDrive client for Windows, you may want to use it as a cloud backup tool and storage. But it is necessary to understand the difference between cloud backup and cloud sync.

In this article we will explain this concept and show how to backup and restore Windows 7. Continue reading

How Ransomware Works and How to Stay Safe

Ransomware: How it works?

How does ransomware work? If you think that ransomware works in the same way as other types of cyber attacks, you may be overlooking important steps for protecting yourself against it.

Ransomware works differently from other malware threats. Traditional security tools like antivirus scanners and firewalls are of limited use against ransomware. To implement an effective ransomware protection, you need to understand the complex nature of different types of ransomware attacks, then create processes — such as strategic data backups — to protect yourself against ransomware. Tools alone won’t keep you safe.

This article helps you defend yourself against ransomware by assessing the current state of ransomware threats and discussing the latest developments in ransomware design. Continue reading