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Windows Server 2012 Bare-Metal Recovery: What You Should Know

Windows Server 2012 Bare-Metal Recovery How-to

Any crucial desktop or server system needs two parts of protection: file backup and system backup. While file backup is all about user files and folders, system-level protection is necessary to recover the entire system in case of any failure. In this article, we are going to briefly compare Windows built-in image backup features with CloudBerry Backup features. Continue reading

We Introduce CloudBerry Backup 4.1.1

This article refers to CloudBerry Backup 4.1.1 and later.

We are glad to introduce CloudBerry Backup 4.1.1 that comes with two new features that improve your Glacier restores and extend options for bare metal backup. Additionally, we have supported some new storage providers that are compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack.
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Block-Level Backup for Bare Metal / System State Backup

CloudBerry is glad to introduce block-level backup support for Bare Metal / System State backup. Starting from now, you can restore your entire system from scratch as an efficiently organized block-level backup, with only modified files kept. This post explains how to benefit from this new opportunity and how to use it.

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