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Carbonite to Acquire Mozy – But Why?

Last week we learned that Carbonite is acquiring yet another disaster recovery company, Mozy. While other acquisitions that Carbonite has made, like Evault and Doubletake, helped them round out their technology portfolio, what does Mozy give them? Carbonite and Mozy have long been competitors in the small business/home office backup market so at first, it appears that Carbonite just acquired its biggest competitor. I have no special insights as to what Carbonite plans with Mozy but I do have some speculations. Continue reading

Cloud Backup Comparison: CloudBerry Backup vs Carbonite Backup

Cloud backup has become one of the essential requirements for both business users and managed service providers. The market is packed with numerous versatile backup products vying for customers’ attention. Selecting the right solution is no easy job. To help you navigate through the sea of various backup software, today we will compare two popular solutions — CloudBerry Backup and Carbonite Backup.

We will dive deeper into the feature sets of both solutions, their pricing models, and examine their fitness for MSPs (Managed Service Providers).
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Carbonite vs CloudBerry

Check out our new CloudBerry vs Carbonite comparison here

Carbonite vs CloudBerry Backup.

This article will compare CloudBerry Backup and Carbonite backup and emphasize some benefits of the CloudBerry Lab solution. We believe that CloudBerry Lab core advantages consist of public cloud storage support, costs, security and native support for popular MS applications such as MS Exchange and MS SQL server. Furthermore, we have additional benefits tailored specifically for Managed Service Providers. Continue reading