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Office 365 Hybrid Migration: Full Hybrid vs. Minimal Hybrid

Office 365 Hybrid Migration

Many organizations decide to skip the expense of maintaining an on-premises Exchange server and migrate to Office 365, which offloads the server to the Microsoft cloud. Once that decision has been made, the next step is to decide on the type of migration. There are three main types of migration – Cutover, Staged, and Hybrid. Cutover migrates all mailboxes at once, Staged migrates mailboxes in groups, and Hybrid migrates gradually from an internal Exchange server to the new Office 365 environment. Both use the Exchange Online hybrid migration tools to move gradually from on-premises to the cloud. Continue reading

How to Migrate Business to the Cloud

The vast majority of IT businesses worldwide have already migrated to the cloud. However, the real business goal is not to do the same what everyone does, but to increase the efficiency of corporate IT system. In this article, we will take a closer look at advantages of the cloud migration as well as some pitfalls to take into account. Continue reading

Data Transfer to AWS: Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration vs Amazon Snowball


While having a timely created backup is essential, the ease and speed of its retrieval is also a major concern. This task often requires special tools, especially when the backup data are stored on a geographically distant server which takes a long time to answer the requests.  We are going to describe some Amazon features that would help.
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