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Getting Started with B2 Cloud Storage by Backblaze and CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup v5.0 now supports B2 Cloud Storage v1.0 released by the Backblaze team. B2 Cloud Storage service offers its users unlimited storage for $0.005/GB per month with 10GB for free.

In this post we explain how to sign up for B2 Cloud Storage account, connect it with CloudBerry Backup and configure a backup plan. This guide covers the following:

  • How to sign up to B2 Cloud Storage
  • How to find your Account ID and Application Key
  • How to start using B2 Cloud Storage with CloudBerry Backup
  • How to setup B2 Cloud Storage as a destination bucket in the backup plan

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Amazon S3 Storage Classes Explained


Updated on 1/06/2017

For different usage scenarios, Amazon Web Services offers different classes of storage. This also allows to reduce the storage costs for data which are rarely used, and don’t require instant access. All the classes have a high level of reliability and support SSL data encryption during transmission, but differ by their cost. This article will tell you where and which class is recommended for use, and what is the difference between them.

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