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Starting an MSP Business – 3 Reasons to Do It in 2018

IT security has become imperative (and costly) with seemingly endless viruses, hackers and other threats always ready to catch an unwary user. Not every small- or medium-sized business can manage security on their own, and they prefer to outsource it to a managed service provider.

If you’ve decided on starting an MSP business, you’ve made the right choice. The MSP market is flourishing, with three critical elements driving growth. Continue reading

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Through Managed Services

As IT infrastructure is further diversified and more security threats emerge every year, many SMBs have begun to look towards outsourcing their IT tasks to MSPs.

This makes sense because MSPs allow businesses to focus on core tasks instead of resolving IT issues. Without the necessary level of experience, trying to fix IT problems on your own can actually lead to higher costs compared to letting a professional service provider take care of issues as they arise. Continue reading

5 Tips for MSPs: Automated Cloud Backup and Other Ways to Save Time

It’s easy to manage a couple of workstations in the very beginning of your MSP business. But as your business grows, the pool of daily tasks grows as well—which includes managing your backup services. An inability to manage day-to-day requirements may lead to stressful situations, and worse—potential problems with your clients.

How can you address this? As one option, you could hire more people and partially outsource some tasks, but this requires a larger budget and more time for training.

As an alternative, you can avoid these costs by automating some of the tasks that you do manually. The following are our top 5 tips that can help you save time and work more efficiently when providing remote data backup services to your clients. Continue reading

5 Questions MSP Should Answer to Find the Best Online Backup Service

points for msp to find best online backup service

As the number of backup solutions on the market grows, it gets more and more difficult for a managed service provider to select the best online backup service. There are too many features to look at, too many technologies involved. Each backup vendor is telling you that their solution is exactly what you need. But what is the right decision that fits your needs? Continue reading

Introducing MBS Web Console 4.1

CloudBerry Managed Backup Service (MBS) has been updated to version 4.1. The new release includes enhanced remote deploy functionality, support for new cloud regions, and a few other critical features.

Remote Deploy Enhancements

Remote deploy functionality has been enhanced with two new features:

  1. The ability to create Remote Deploy Configurations that include pre-defined backup & restore plans. This feature is particularly useful when you need common backup and / or restore plans applied to a set of clients. When you apply a remote deploy configuration with backup or restore plans to a Company, User, or Computer, the plans will be created and updated automatically.
  2. The ability to create a Remote Deploy Configuration Rule that only applies to new computers. When this new Rule option is selected, the Configuration will only be applied only to new computers that do not yet have MBS installed.

Support for new cloud storage regions

Amazon has recently introduced a new S3 region:

  • China (Ningxia) - this new region is operated by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co. Ltd. and provides another option for customers located in China.

Google has also launched two new regions:

  • Sydney Australia
  • São Paulo, Brazil

The MBS console has been updated to support these new regions.

Support for SMTP servers

Customers can now leverage their own SMTP servers for email notifications. Previously, customers could only leverage the CloudBerry notification service or Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), but this has been enhanced in MBS 4.1 to support custom SMTP servers. Customers who wish to use their own SMTP email server can configure the relevant server information and credentials in the MBS console.

Check out our video that delves deeper into the latest features of release 4.1:

5 Reasons Why MSPs Should Offer Online Managed Backup Services

why you should offer online managed backup

If you’ve already decided to start an MSP business, then you’ve made the right choice. The current market for IT managed service providers is constantly growing with more and more opportunities arising every single day.

That said, using an online backup service as an MSP is hands down one of the best ways to provide quality service to your clientele. That’s because online backup services allow you to ardently secure your clients' data by keeping reserve copies of your clients’ critical files, folders, and hard drives on a remote server or in a cloud storage platform like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure. Perhaps more importantly, when a service provider offers backup-as-a-service to his clients, he/she can always help to restore that data whenever the client needs it.

Securely storing your customer's data to a preferred cloud provider has numerous advantages than simply backing up the data to a local storage location. Let's take a closer look at these benefits below. Continue reading