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CloudBerry Lab Welcomes Crashplan for Home Users

Crashplan for home discontinued

On the 22nd August 2017, the well-known online backup provider, CrashPlan, has announced that it's CrashPlan for Home product will be soon discontinued. We at CloudBerry are happy to offer to all CrashPlan for Home users our CloudBerry Backup Desktop Edition.
Here is why you can switch to CloudBerry without a fuss.
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CrashPlan PRO vs CloudBerry Backup

In this article we will compare two cloud backup solutions from CrashPlan and CloudBerry Lab. Two products are oriented on different markets: CrashPlan PRO is oriented on consumer’s market, while CloudBerry Backup can be used to backup IT infrastructures with typical Windows apps like Exchange, SQL, and Active Directory. We believe that CloudBerry Backup has essential advantages which lay in public cloud storage free selection, cost-effectiveness, advanced security and additional functionality we will clarify in the article. We would also speak about Managed Backup possibilities with CloudBerry which would be interesting for Managed Service Providers and Microsoft Partners especially.

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