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Deduplication: File-Level and Block-Level Approaches, Specifics of Deduping Backup Data, Helpful Tips

Deduping Data and Data Storage Management

We are going to overview the concept of deduplication and review its approaches available on the market: block-level and file-level deduplication. You will also learn about backup deduplication specifics and efficiency. Continue reading

How to Start Working with CloudBerry Dedup and Amazon S3

Introducing CloudBerry Dedup Server

We are glad to announce our new product – CloudBerry Dedup Server!  CloudBerry Dedup Server is a data deduplication software for Windows Server. It is designed to reduce size of your backups by recognizing and storing only one copy of identical blocks across all files. The program works in conjunction with CloudBerry Backup and processes all the data received from client workstations and servers.

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