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Motiva Networks: 4 Hours to Recover Servers as Amazon EC2 Instances

Motiva Networks, an NYC IT Support and Managed Services Provider, serves 3 000 desktops and consumes 20 TB of storage. A year ago, when the company started to look for a backup and disaster recovery solution, it had certain criteria - the ability to use Amazon. And today the company has successful experience with “Restore to Amazon EC2" feature in CloudBerry Backup. Continue reading

Nixsys: The New CloudBerry’s Restore to EC2 Feature Helps Our Offering Greatly

Cloud Chats Nixsys

Nixsys is an American computer manufacturer that offers the highest quality custom-built computers and servers supporting legacy hardware and software as well as all kinds of IT support for small and mid-size businesses. This includes backup and disaster recovery, network & mobile device management, IT consulting and security services. Continue reading

Suredata: It is so Easy to Recover Data and Resume Working with S3 and CloudBerry

Suredata and CloudBerry

Based in Perth, Australia, Suredata Pty Ltd is an IT firm whose mission is to provide all businesses enterprise-grade online, offsite backup solutions.  The company partners well with local government authorities to deliver a service of value to the businesses in that sector and with IT resellers who on-sell their service.   Continue reading

How to Protect Microsoft SharePoint Using CloudBerry Backup


This article could be interesting for those who use SharePoint and are looking for a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution.

Before implementing any backup strategy, general understanding of source data or service is necessary. Simply stated, we need to know how does the system we are trying to protect works and what particular files or objects must be saved.

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How to Guard Your Data From Ransomware?


“How can I protect the data from ransomware-related encryption?” — is a common present-day's question, since Ransomware became a widely spread virus family that blocks access to your files in exchange for a ransom.

Today we are going to reveal a backup-related solution to protect your data from cryptolocking and ransomware.
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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Choosing Restore Type


Every app and data sometimes get corrupted, serious disasters are also possible (thankfully, much more rarely). While you read our blog, you probably do backups to protect the business in such cases. But since backup scenarios are different, there are significant differences in restoration. Let’s discuss possible ways to restore the data access using cloud systems and summarize their pros and cons.
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How to Configure a P2V (Physical to Virtual) Disaster Recovery with Amazon EC2 and CloudBerry Backup

Disaster Recovery is all about protecting data from loss and providing business continuity. Traditional backup-and-restore approach assumes the data to be uploaded off-site and downloaded back during the recovery when the infrastructure is reconstructed. “Physical to Virtual” is a disaster recovery scenario that allows to quickly roll out a copy of your current environment in the cloud.

From this article you will learn how to implement a P2V disaster recovery scenario by using Amazon EC2, Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and CloudBerry Backup to speed up the process.
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