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Encryption & compression for Google & Amazon Drive in CloudBerry Backup 5.6

CloudBerry backup 5.6 packs a number of new features and improvements, among which is the highly-requested support for encryption and compression for Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive. Read on to learn how to enable the novelty in the latest edition of CloudBerry Backup.
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Why Dropbox is not a good choice for backup storage

This week everybody is talking about the hacking of Dropbox, the popular online storage service that has over 200 million users and keeps anything from private photos to sensitive documents. Malefactors have stolen almost 70 million account details including email addresses and protected passwords.
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CloudBerry Box Now Supports Compression and Encryption

This article refers to CloudBerry Box 1.4 and later.

We continue to enhance our new product - CloudBerry Box! Now you can not only synchronize your folders with your own storage account, but be sure that your data is compressed and encrypted. Read this post to learn how to use these new features.

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We Introduce CloudBerry Dedup Server 1.1

This article refers to CloudBerry Dedup Server 1.1 and later.

We keep enhancing CloudBerry Dedup Server so that you can deduplicate your cloud backups.  With this release, we have added a couple of new features:

  • Compression
    Use the cloud storage space even more effectively and save Internet traffic by compressing the data you send to the cloud.
  • Encryption
    Stay safe by encrypting your backups with 256-bit AES algorithm.

You can find the options on the Advanced tab of the Configuration dialog:

Deduplication Server Settings

Increase the efficiency and security of your backups with the new features!

How to set Server Side Encryption with Customer-provided Keys (SSE-C) using CloudBerry S3 Explorer

As always we are adding features that our customers are requesting or newly introduced by cloud storage service providers. This time we decided to add new PowerShell command that will help to set a custom encryption key for Server Side Encryption (SSE-C) provided by Amazon S3.

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Use TrueCrypt Encrypted Drive for AWS Import/Export in CloudBerry Explorer and CloudBerry Backup

Note about TrueCrypt and AWS Import/Export

For higher security AWS Import/Export offers TrueCrypt data encryption for import and export to/from Amazon S3.
When setting up an Import job, you can encrypt your device with TrueCrypt prior sending it to AWS service. You will need to specify your TrueCrypt password on the Backup Plan wizard for Import job.
When setting up an Export job, you need to specify TrueCrypt password to allow AWS service to encrypt your data. This is a required option for Export job.

AWS Import/Export with TrueCrypt and CloudBerry Products

With CloudBerry Backup and Explorer releases 3.8 we have added an ability to work with disks being encrypted by TrueCrypt. For this purpose you should specify the TrueCrypt password when you create an Import or export Job with CloudBerry Explorer or make an initial backup with AWS Import option in CloudBerry Backup.

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CloudBerry Backup Now Supports Backup to FTP/SFTP With Compression and Encryption

CloudBerry Backup now has expanded the FTP and SFTP backup features with an ability to compress and encrypt data. These useful features allow you to raise a security level and reduce an amount of disc space that is required for data storage.
In our previous posts you could’ve learned about the backup to FTP and backup to SFTP features. Now we’ve added just one step to the backup plan setup procedure – a screen where you can specify compression and encryption options for your FTP or SFTP backup plan. Continue reading