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Direct Upload to Glacier or Amazon S3 Lifecycle Rules?


There are a number of storage classes for every need and budget in Amazon Web Services cloud storage. The cheapest method to store the backup for a long time is Amazon Glacier. However, there are two different ways to upload files to that storage.
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Introducing CloudBerry Backup for NAS 2.0

It's been quite some time since the last release of CloudBerry Backup for QNAP and Synology. Today we bring you the major new and possibly last version of our NAS backup product — release 2.0. A handful of new features have been added to keep the app on a par with its macOS & Linux counterparts.
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Why You Sometimes Cannot See Your Files When Restoring


It is sometimes necessary to employ another computer to restore your data from the same cloud storage. Naturally, the computer you're trying to restore your files on must be properly set up. Elsewise, you might face a situation in which some of your files are invisible.  There are 2 ways to ensure that all files are displayed: specify the correct prefix and sync repository.
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