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Hard Drive Revolution in 2019? Technology Clash: HAMR vs MAMR

new hard drive technologies

When we think about large data storage, the first things that springs to mind are magnetic hard drives, as SSD technology is more about speed, than volume. Next year might be revolutionary for the HDD industry, since major manufacturers - Seagate and WD - presented their new solutions which significantly improve data writing density.

There are lasers and microwaves involved, so we are going to explain key points of these innovations.
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Hard Drive Maintenance. Bonus Checklist for SSD

HDD and SSD Maintenance Checklist

Since our home and business data continually grows, let’s remember key things to keep HDD/SSD drives healthy for the longest possible time. In this article, you will find practical suggestions on how to keep HDD-based archives safe and powered down, as well as the most important parameters helping to check whether a drive is healthy.

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How to Resize Partition: Cross-Platform Guide

How to Resize a Partition on Windows, Linux, Mac

In this article, we are going to show how to resize HDD/SSD drive partitions keeping user and system data. Partition resizing is a common task if your hard drive needs to be replaced in any case (except failure) or you would like to reorganize stored data in a new way. Continue reading