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Free-To-Trial License Upgrade in CloudBerry Explorer 5.0.3

The latest iteration of CloudBerry Explorer has been released. Version 5.0.3 brings a new license upgrade mechanism that enables you to seamlessly switch from the free to trial tier. Let's take a closer look at the new feature.

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Introducing All-In-One CloudBerry Explorer


As you know, CloudBerry Explorer used to be offered in 2 editions: Free and Pro. Well, no longer! We’ve now incorporated the functionality of both versions into a single build for your convenience. The latest version of CloudBerry Explorer offers full-fledged support for all license tiers: freeware, trial Pro, and Pro. Continue reading

How to Switch to Another Edition in CloudBerry Backup

As you know CloudBerry Backup goes as a single installer where you can choose an edition that meets you needs: Desktop, Server, Ultimate and other. Learn more at CloudBerry Backup editions.

We always suggest to start with 15-days of trial that allows you to evaluate the product and make a decision what edition is your right choice.

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Removing Expiration From the Freeware

As always we are adding features that our customers are requesting. We got quite some feedback from our customers on our policy to expire the freeware version every three months.Even though we just wanted our customers to stay on the most recent version of the software many customers found it inconvenient and even distracting.

As of version 2.1 the freeware version doesn’t expire and you can use it for as long you like. Until for example AWS S3 console becomes mature enough and you don’t need a 3rd party product any more.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you that it is highly recommended that you regularly upgrade to the most recent version of the software. Automated check for updates feature will tell you when the new version becomes available. Believe it or not with each version we fix some 100 issues, besides adding new exciting functionality to the product and it well worth upgrading.


As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment.


Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Explorer 2.1 and later.

CloudBerry S3 Explorer is a Windows product that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront.
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