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Upload to Glacier with Amazon S3 Lifecycle Rules


There are a number of storage classes for every need and budget in Amazon Web Services cloud storage. The cheapest method to store the backup for a long time is Amazon Glacier. However, there are two different ways to upload files to that storage: direct and using the lifecycle policy. In this article, we will demonstrate why the lifecycle policy method is more practical.  
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Bucket Lifecycle Rules for Versioning with CloudBerry Explorer

Earlier lifecycle rules couldn't be applied to buckets with versioning. Since May, 2014 Amazon S3 supports lifecycle rules for buckets with versioning. CloudBerry Lab now presents CloudBerry Explorer that supports this new functionality.

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Amazon S3 Features: RRS, ACL, Lifecycle, Versioning, CloudFront and More

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is the publicly available online web service offered by Amazon Web Services. S3 provides unlimited cloud storage for your data with no volume restrictions. Bucket is one of key concept for Amazon S3.

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