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How to Backup Files in Linux

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Backing up files in Linux may seem easy, but it is challenging to backup a Linux system in a reliable and efficient way.

That is because a typical Linux server contains many different types of files. Some are more important to back up than others, and some are easier to restore to a working state than others after the system goes down.

For this reason, if your Linux backup strategy simply involves copying all directories from the system to a backup server, it is unlikely that you will actually be able to recover all of your data after a failure. You also won’t be backing up data efficiently because a full-system backup will consume much more space than necessary. Continue reading

CloudBerry Backup Review on Linux Quest

Check out the review of our Linux backup software. Here Rob Collins, the Linux Quest host, looks at the easy set-up process for local backup.

The review is for freeware edition, but if you want to go Pro, they have a discount coupon link for Linux Quest viewers only.  Enter their channel to win it!

Introducing CloudBerry Backup for Linux 1.8

We are constantly working on our Linux cloud backup solution and the new version 1.8 is now ready to download! There are some GUI and under-the-hood improvements, alongside with support of S3 compatible cloud storage, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration and Amazon S3 China region.  Continue reading

Supporting AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region in CloudBerry Backup for Mac and Linux

(applies to CloudBerry Backup and later)

In addition to our Windows-based CloudBerry Backup and CloudBerry Explorer, we now support AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region in CloudBerry Backup for Mac and for Linux Continue reading

CloudBerry Backup for Linux Now Supports OpenStack Storage

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup for Linux 1.5 and later.

We are glad to announce that the latest release of CloudBerry Backup for Linux supports OpenStack storage! You can now securely back up your data to any OpenStack storage like IBM Softlayer, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace and others.

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CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS and Linux OS Support Azure Blob Storage

The latest release of CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS and CloudBerry Backup for Linux OS supports Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Now you can leverage the capabilities of our product with Microsoft Azure Blob to build flexible backup and restore strategies!

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CloudBerry Backup for Linux OS Supports Local Backup and Retention Policy

CloudBerry Backup for Linux OS comes with new outstanding enhancements that significantly extend its functionality and allow you to come up with more flexible backup strategies! You can now run local backup to keep your backup data locally on your computer or external drives and set up custom retention policies to automatically delete the outdated files.

In this post, we'll cover the following topics:

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