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Ransomware on Mac. Does it Exist?

One of the most annoying types of virus types nowadays, is Ransomware – malicious software that locks files or a computer until its owner pays a ransom for decryption. Windows users do a lot of things to protect their files, but how about for Macs? Should Mac users be worried about such virus types? In this article we are going to reveal the answer. Continue reading

Manage Bandwidth in CloudBerry Backup for Mac 1.7

Blog post implies to CloudBerry Backup for Mac 1.7 and later.

Each backup case demonstrates different requirements to the bandwidth. That's why we've added a new feature to CloudBerry Backup that helps to manage the network connection for your backups.

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CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS Now Supports Google Cloud Storage

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup for Mac 1.6 and later.

We are glad to announce that the latest release of CloudBerry Backup for Mac supports Google Cloud storage! You can now securely back up your data to Google Cloud storage.

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